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Crystal's Kitchen

Crystal creates, photographs, and instructs us on preparing popular, home-made food using Triple S Farms products!  Then she blogs about it!


Piato's Organic Food Nanny

We are proud to work with Piato's Organic Food Nanny, a subscription meal-delivery service in Urbana, IL that offers all locally sourced, all organic meals! Find out how to buy a share!

Smoked Spare Ribs

Smoked Spare Ribs

Do you want ribs? Do you have time to smoke those spare ribs?  You mean your children or significant other wasn't tending to the smoker while you were at work?  Well you are in luck because these ribs are smoked and pre-cooked.  Just slap on your favorite sauce, stick them in the oven, get them to temp and voila! pit-master ribs.  You are welcome.