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Crystal's Kitchen

Crystal creates, photographs, and instructs us on preparing popular, home-made food using Triple S Farms products!  Then she blogs about it!


Piato's Organic Food Nanny

We are proud to work with Piato's Organic Food Nanny, a subscription meal-delivery service in Urbana, IL that offers all locally sourced, all organic meals! Find out how to buy a share!

Farm Info

At Triple S Farms our goal is to raise the best tasting, highest quality meats without using harmful drugs and chemicals. Our slogan is “We Grow Taste” and we strive to live by that slogan and provide the best tasting foods for our customers.

We are family operated and our farm is certified organic. All of our animals are drug free and receive non-GMO grains. Our philosophy is that “animals are what they eat” so we feed only healthy grains and allow them to get their fill on pasture when it is in season. This vegetarian diet produces a healthier finished product.