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Crystal's Kitchen

Crystal creates, photographs, and instructs us on preparing popular, home-made food using Triple S Farms products!  Then she blogs about it!


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Crystal's Kitchen

Recipe's and ideas from Crystal


Our families efforts to get more serious about eating an organic diet started 2 years ago with my husband. Out of the blue, he started having these attacks, that at first we thought were food poisoning. I call them attacks because it was like his body was being attacked by an unknown invader. After the third attack in a week, we knew it was something else. He saw doctors and had allergy tests run. The only positive results he got back was an allergy to cashews, which we had already known about. The doctors had no idea where to turn next.  

One night, after his 13th attack in 3 1/2 weeks,  I couldn't sleep. I was so worried about the man I love more than anyone.  He had already lost 27 pounds in such a short period of time and was afraid to eat anything.We both just felt so helpless. In my state of insomnia, I remembered browsing some articles online about non celiac gluten intolerance. The next morning I scoured the internet for as much information as possible.  To my surprise, he had a lot of the more minor symptoms several months before he started having attacks. I felt such relief that we might finally have some answers.  

We decided to completely cut gluten out of his diet and it worked!!! Finally, he could eat and not worry about getting sick. A few weeks later, he used a gift card someone had given him for his birthday at a chain restaurant. He ordered a burger with no bun and fries. He had his last attack that evening. I checked the restaurants website, and sure enough, the fries had gluten in them. That, for us, verified what we thought. He has non celiac gluten intolerance.  

Since I am pretty much the only one who cooks in our house(I had to teach my husband how to make a grilled cheese once), I set out to make sure we follow a healthy diet and that includes trying to eat as much of an organic diet as possible! This led us to buying all of our meat from Triple S Farms. 

This weekend was my hubbies birthday. He loves spicy foods so I knew, whatever I was going to make for his birthday dinner, it had to be spicy. Also, we were traveling the few days before his birthday, which always wears me out. I wanted to make him something easy for me but satisfying for him. I settled on my Chipotle Pulled Pork. It only has 3 ingredients. It doesn't get any easier than that!

I typically like to smoke pulled pork in my smoker but when I just want a quick smoke, I use an old cast iron pan I bought at a yard sale to hold the wood chips in and then put it directly on the burners of my grill. You can also find small smoker boxes at most stores that sell grill equipment.

I only have the burners on under the pan and not the meat. This also helps to render out some of the fat.

It looks good enough to eat now, but it would still be very chewy. At this point is when you need to add some moisture and cook low and slow. This breaks down the connective tissues, which makes for a tender roast. You could add any sauce, fruit juice, or as I'm using, soda. Then just shred and enjoy!

I served it with his favorite sides of Jalapeño Creamed Corn and baked fries, all organic of course!


3 lb. Triple S Farms Pork Shoulder Roast
3 cans favorite soda
1 small can or to taste, chipotles in adobo

1. Remove 2 grates from the grill. Place smoker pan with wood chips over exposed burners and turn those burners only to high.
2. Salt and pepper roast. Place on remaining grill grate and smoke over indirect heat for 1 hour.
3. Transfer roast to a Dutch oven pan. Top with soda and chipotles or liquid of your choice. Cover.
4. Cook at 325° for 2 hours. Shred meat and enjoy!

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