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Crystal creates, photographs, and instructs us on preparing popular, home-made food using Triple S Farms products!  Then she blogs about it!


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Welcome to the blog.
Posted 1/18/2016 9:29am by Stan Schutte.

The calendar has flipped a page into a new year, whether you’re ready or not!  It happens every year. The word "January" has always sounded cold to the Farmer. Growing up on a Farm in the Midwest through the 70’s with livestock made a deep impression on me.  My hands are still cold!  I can remember dragging out to the machine shed on a bitter cold January day, to mount a tractor and start pushing snow, a daily ritual that year. Just before getting started, I checked the thermometer hanging on the north inside wall just to see what I was up against. It read, minus 25 degrees! Now these were the days before they pronounced wind chills on the news. But as near as I could tell, it was howling out of the NW at least 30 mph, and carrying a healthy amount of snow in its grasp.

Looking back, that must have been a negative 70 to 80 degree wind chill.  Luckily I was still in my teens! Now-a-days, I probably would cower back to the house.  

The word "January" also brings thoughts of new beginnings; a chance to put the past year behind us, and move forward into new opportunities. Even with the best laid plans, we really never know what lies ahead of us. Life can throw us many curve balls - some we can control, and some we can’t.  All we can do is to use our wisdom, and God-given talents to manage the challenges.  And with a positive attitude that no matter how it turns out, we know we gave it our best. What I have found after my many years of living, what I like to call “The College of Life”, the outcomes may not always be what we want at first, but with patience and a can-do attitude, it usually works out.  

January on the Farm is always exciting times.  The Farmer is busy scanning through seed catalog’s, looking for that perfect genetics. Just as a child looks through a Christmas catalog looking for that perfect toy.  Every new growing season gives us an opportunity to continue on with the good decisions we made the previous season, and correct the bad ones. Now all this sound fairly simple, but there is always that wild card,  “Mother Nature.” A wise old Farmer told me many years ago, she always bats last. No matter how much planning and preparation you do, the weather is always the deciding factor, good or bad.  I’ve seen many new Farmers frustrated in the outcomes of their labor due to unfavorable weather.  But a seasoned Farmer as myself, understands and accepts the partnership we have with the weather.

The Farmer  

Posted 11/11/2015 2:02pm by Stan Schutte.

Another harvest is behind us. The trees have lost most of their Summer's glory, and the earthy smells of the land signal to the Farmer that the seasons are a-changing. The migratory birds have grouped up and mostly left for their Winter homes.  It gives me time to reflect on the past growing season and prepare for the upcoming Holiday Season.November and December are the busiest months here on the Farm.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are days when family and friends gather to celebrate food and fellowship. It has always humbled the Farmer that food is the fiber that connects us humans together on many different levels. In all the sophistication of today’s challenges, one thing has remained constant since the beginning of mankind, we all need some source of food to live. This has taken many forms over time, from the hunter gather, to all the fast food options of today.   The phrase local has taken hold over the last several years, so more and more consumers are thinking about what they feed their families.

This is exciting for Triple S - we’re in our 17th season of selling direct to the consumer, so I’ve seen the changes happening over the years. Our loyal customers are why we exist, without them we wouldn’t be in business. We have forged relationships over a decade long with some, something words cannot describe.  

As the Holiday Season approaches, take time to enjoy your family and friends over a home cooked meal. Remember, it’s important to know your Farmer, know your Food.  

The Farmer  

Posted 9/21/2015 1:51pm by Stan Schutte.

Fall has officially arrived this week; this gives the Farmer mixed emotions. On one hand, you have to love this time of year. The temperatures are usually moderate, and the colors Mother Nature displays are breathtaking.  All the wildlife, even the Farm animals, know cold weather is a-coming.  (The Farmer is even dusting off his insulated gear).  It's so amazing to watch nature take its course.   On the other hand, it’s sad - all the hard work and challenges involved in growing a crop is coming to an end.  Another growing season will soon be behind us.  Depending on the weather, we usually only get one chance to start a crop, so a lot of our self-worth is involved in getting it to harvest.  We sharpen our instinct’s as we get older, but sometimes that’s not even enough to overcome what the Mother Nature throws at us.     Luckily another growing season is on the horizon, and another chance to use our God given talents to help feed our fellow humans.  No matter how insurmountable the task, I have the best job one could ask for.   The Farmer

Posted 8/25/2015 8:56am by Stan Schutte.

The days are getting noticeably shorter every week now. With September just around the corner, Fall is fast approaching. As a kid this always meant school was starting soon. This was a 9 month prison sentence for this Farm boy. We never had all the electronic devices of today, and our TV was black and white. When it did work we only got 3 channels, so this was not an option for entertainment. The outdoors provided us with all the adventures our curious minds needed. We would air up the tires on our bikes and head out for what the day had in store for us. Our parents didn’t seem to mind, they knew we would be ok. There were no GPS or cell phones, it was a simpler time. I was lucky to have several kids in the neighborhood that was about the same age, so we explored together. This was life on the Farm.   The Farmer

Posted 8/20/2015 1:31pm by Stan Schutte.

We’re in what my dad used to call the “Dog days of Summer” here on the Farm. Never really knew what that meant, it’s just one of those old sayings that got tossed around. Except for when someone pulls in our driveway, our dogs sleep under the tree all year long. Another favorite saying was, “The Dogs Life”.  I guess I never really asked him, but it sounds like it’s great to be a dog???? Our cats on the other hand are always busy.  Very seldom do you ever see them laying around. Don’t really know what they are doing, but they’re always on the move. We had a little kitten show up on our door step the other day, must have come from the barn. The others shunned him, so my wife has adopted him. Now I ask myself, did the others do him a favor?  He has food and TLC 24/7, and gets to come in the house.  This is life on the Farm.

Posted 2/26/2015 12:47pm by Stan Schutte.

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